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Clinic Voices Storytelling Project

John's Story - OPEN M

The instrument whirred and beeped for three minutes while Steve anxiously waited for the result. When the instrument finished processing, he was thrilled. His A1c number, a measure of blood sugar over roughly a three month period, had finally dropped. After years of sky high blood sugars, Steve was finally starting to control his diabetes and couldn’t have been happier.

At OPEN M, patients receive the tools they need achieve personal goals. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to treatment, OPEN M offers a variety of programs. For Steve, what finally worked was the education provided by OPEN M’s Diabetic Education class. The volunteer diabetic educator showed him pictures of exactly how diabetes works at the cellular level and how insulin works to lower blood sugar. She emphasized how important it was to take his insulin consistently and convinced him that if he followed the regime, his numbers would decrease. Armed with insulin dispensed free of charge from our pharmacy and the knowledge from the class, Steve had the tools he needed to improve his health and feel better.