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Clinic Voices Storytelling Project

Former Patient, Avid Volunteer

New patients at Helping Hands Free Clinic are greeted by warm, friendly volunteers who register them at the clinic. Lois, is a familiar face to staff and patients of Helping Hands Free Clinic. In 2007 two months after the clinic initially opened, Louis was in a desperate situation, she needed urgent medical care but was too young to be covered under Medicare insurance. After four years of not receiving medical attention, she finally found compassionate care at the Helping Hands Free Clinic.

When she arrived her blood pressure was 191/90 and her blood sugar level was at a staggering 400. She was instantaneously provided with the medication that she needed to control her diabetes and maintain a high quality of life – all at no cost to her. Ten years later, Lois’ first visit is a distant memory as her health has dramatically improved. She still finds herself in need of prescription aid because her Medicare Part D plan only covers half a year’s supply of insulin. Helping Hands Free Clinic is able to provide her with the other half.

Lois stated, “I am amazed at what is accomplished. I wouldn’t be able to function without the help I have received. That’s why I’m here helping out.” She is often seen welcoming patients at the front desk of the clinic, advocating for Helping Hands Free Clinic, fundraising over $10,000, and embodying the mission of HHFC’s motto, “We are here to give a helping hand.”