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LifeCare Alliance Wins PrimaryOne Health Justice Award

CHN wants to take a moment to recognize the amazing accomplishment of one of our valued members, LifeCare Alliance, who recently won an award through PrimaryOne Health. This award spotlights LifeCare Alliance's achievements in Healthcare Justice. Furthermore, LifeCare Alliance was awarded with Free Clinic of the Year in 2021. LifeCare Alliance provides health and nutrition services to Central Ohio. Additionally, the Columbus Cancer Clinic provides low-cost or free head-to-toe cancer screenings and mammograms, cancer prevention, and education. LifeCare Alliance provides programs that help underserved individuals in central Ohio through its outreach and education efforts. The organization has been successful in serving everyone in need, with zero people on waiting lists despite the high demand for healthcare in the community. Its mission to serve Ohio's most vulnerable is evident in its daily efforts to accept and support all those in need. Congratulations on this distinguished accomplishment, and thank you for your commitment to serving the Central Ohio community!

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