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Kathy Magee, CNP Wins the 2023 Free Clinic Nurse of the Year Award

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the Charitable Healthcare Network (CHN) is pleased to announce Kathy Magee, CNP as the 2023 Free Clinic Nurse of the Year Award winner. Magee serves as a nurse practitioner with LifeCare Alliance’s Columbus Cancer Clinic.

“Kathy is particularly passionate about making sure women without access to healthcare resources are screened for breast and cervical cancer. This aligns perfectly with the Ohio Department of Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Project (BCCP), an initiative to help all women navigate cancer screenings. Her passion for creating accessible cancer screenings motivated her to bring her services to other clinics,” notes the nomination for this award.

Magee leads the clinic with her vision to provide healthcare to all community members, helping them to live healthily and cancer-free. Before joining the Columbus Cancer Clinic staff, she worked as a registered nurse for 28 years. She then re-enrolled in school and became a certified nurse practitioner to reach her goals in the fight against cancer. She performed her clinicals at LifeCare Alliance’s Columbus Cancer Clinic and then joined as a staff member shortly after she graduated. She lives out her passion for caring for the oncology population through her role at the Columbus Cancer Clinic with a focus on Cancer Screening in the population of patients who may not have the resources to routinely screen. 

LifeCare Alliance’s Columbus Cancer Clinic provides low-cost or free head-to-toe cancer screenings and mammograms, cancer prevention, and education. The program aids underserved individuals in central Ohio through its outreach and education efforts. More information about LifeCare Alliance’s ColumbusCancer Clinic can be found at

The Ohio Legislature, through H.B. 320 of the 130th General Assembly, designated December as Free Clinic Appreciation Month (FCAM) in Ohio. As part of Free Clinic Appreciation Month, the Charitable Healthcare Network and the Ohio Department of Health recognize the accomplishments of Ohio's free clinics with Free Clinic Award presentations.