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Kendra Donnelly, PharmD Wins 2023 Free Clinic Pharmacist of the Year

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the Charitable Healthcare Network (CHN) is pleased to announce Kendra Donnelly as the 2023 Free Clinic Pharmacist of the Year Award winner for her support of Rising Suns Pharmacy in Athens, Ohio.

“Kendra always goes out of her way to help. We would not exist without her constant presence, organization, kindness, and service to her community,” mentions the nomination for this award. 

Donnelly was born and raised in Athens. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Ohio University before earning her PharmD degree from The Ohio State University's College of Pharmacy in 2020. Shortly after graduation, the opportunity to work at Rising Suns Pharmacy arose. Without hesitation, she jumped at the opportunity, eager to serve her hometown community. Donnelly’s time at Rising Suns has allowed her to learn more about herself while caring for some of the most kindhearted people in Athens County. 

Located in Athens, Rising Suns Pharmacy opened in 2022, filling the need for a non-profit pharmacy in the southeast Ohio region. Rising Suns Pharmacy works to provide high-quality pharmacy services that optimize the health and well-being of all members of the Southeastern Ohio community. They strive to meet the mission to ensure all people in Southeastern Ohio have access to safe and effective medications. More details about the pharmacy can be found at

The Ohio Legislature, through H.B. 320 of the 130th General Assembly, designated December as Free Clinic Appreciation Month (FCAM) in Ohio. As part of Free Clinic Appreciation Month, the Charitable Healthcare Network and the Ohio Department of Health recognize the accomplishments of Ohio's free clinics with Free Clinic Award presentations.