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Our Programs

We focus our programming on projects that will help Ohio's free and charitable clinics provide the best care possible to the most vulnerable in our communities. 

Quality Care Standards

In 2015, the Charitable Healthcare Network developed a set of Quality Care Standards to ensure the best quality care is given to the patients our clinics serve. They were developed to create a dual accountability between us and our clinics in how members provide and document the quality and quantity of the services/care delivered.

Our seven standards for quality care are regularly reviewed and incorporated into the practice of each of our current and potential member organizations. Site visits and organizational audits are performed routinely to ensure a standard of care throughout our Network.

The 2019 Quality Care Standards review:

  • Standard 1:  Enhanced Access and Continuity
  • Standard 2:  Identify and Manage Patient Populations
  • Standard 3: Plan and Manage Care
  • Standard 4:  Provide Self-Care Support and Community Resources
  • Standard 5:  Track and Coordinate Care
  • Standard 6:  Measure and Improve Performance
  • Standard 7:  Administrative

The full 2019 Quality Care Standards, including explanations and documentation recommendations, can be found here.

Medical Supply Distribution


We've partnered with retired soccer goalkeeper Otto Orf, founder of the HandsOnSports Foundation, to develop a massive medical supply donation system to benefit all of our member clinics. His relationship with the Henry Schein Cares Foundation has allowed this program to bring in tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies into our clinics over the past few years. Each year we receive pallets of medical supplies from this partnership and invite our members to take what they need. We are currently working to further develop and expand this program, check back in for some exciting new updates!



Medication Access




To improve our member clinics' ability to access affordable medications for their patients, we have developed a a 'Medication Access Resource Guide for Charitable Health Care Organizations'.